inžiniérska geológia
  • implementation of all stages of engineering geological survey
  • design, implementation and evaluation of exploration work, including drilling work
  • engineering geological mapping and compilation of engineering geological maps
  • construction of longitudinal profiles
    and cross sections
  • evaluation of engineering geological conditions, description and classification of individual soils and rocks in terms of applicable standards, evaluation of soil bearing capacity
  • identification of engineering geological risks, recommendations for the foundation of buildings
  • processing the use of excavated soils and rocks with the design of landfills of unsuitable material in accordance with applicable legislation
  • recommendation of sites for obtaining building material
    examination of soil characteristics in terms of suitability for use in embankments
  • field tests and measurements of soil and rock properties on the surface, in underground and in boreholes


  • implementation of all stages of hydrogeological survey
  • hydrogeological mapping, compilation of hydrogeological maps
  • implementation and evaluation of pumping and infiltration tests
  • passportization of wells and water sources
    regime groundwater level measurement (manual, automatic)
  • calculation of runoff conditions from the tunnel
  • calculations of natural resources and usable quantities of groundwater
  • design of protection zones of existing sources of drinking and mineral water
  • hydrogeological assessments


  • evaluation of geotechnical characteristics of soils and rocks intended for building and geotechnical structures
  • implementation and evaluation of field tests – presiometric tests, dynamic penetration tests and inclinometric measurements
  • determination of rock strength index under point load PLT (Point load test)
  • assessment of the impact of geotechnical conditions and weather conditions on the execution of excavation works
  • calculation and assessment of stability of slopes and notches
  • determinationof extractability classes  according to STN 73 3050
  • classification of soil according to drillability for boreholes for piles
  • proposals for remediation measures


Geotechnical monitoring:

  • effects of the building structure on the rock environment
  • monitoring of slope movement and mechanical and physical properties in the landslide zone
  • measurement of subsurface deformations
  • embankment settlement measurement

Environmental monitoring:

  • quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, springs and water resources
  • air, noise, vibrations and shocks, biota , soil (solved together with verified subcontractors)


Geologická dokumentácia tunelov a banských diel:

  • documentation of the portal wall, tunnel face and other objects in the tunnel
  • processing of mining and geological maps, geological-tectonic maps and longitudinal profiles of tunnels and tunnels
  • field measurements

Geological documentation of buildings

  • comprehensive geological and geotechnical supervision of realized construction pits under construction objects
  • documentation of physical – mechanical properties of the geological subsoil of embankments
  • pilot documentation


  • engineering geological (IG) assessment of the evaluation of basic conditions for construction (family house, industrial buildings and others)
  • IG assessment of sliding faults
  • IG and hydrogeological assessment for landfills
  • IG study of the rock environment
  • IG study of the risks of entering the rock environment
  • hydrogeological assessment of the impact of construction on the quality and quantity of surface and groundwater
  • hydrogeological assessment for the discharge of water from a domestic wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)