DPP Žilina specialists worked on the preparation and implementation of geological inspections and geotechnical monitoring for the Slovak tunnels Prešov, Horelica , Ovčiarsko, Žilina, Poľana, Svrčinovec, Bôrik, Šibeník, Turecký vrch and for the exploration tunnel of the Višňové tunnel.

Outside Slovakia, these were the Czech tunnels Blanka, Jablunkov and Metro VA in Prague, the Polish tunnels Laliky and TD1 and TD2 , as well as for the Icelandic tunnels Siglufjordur, Ólafsfjordur and Oshlid.

Currently, DPP Žilina is working on engineering geological and hydrogeological surveys, geological surveys and geotechnical monitoring at a number of sites, an overview of which can be found in the References tab.

The results of their work are published by the company’s specialists in professional journals, especially Tunel, Inžinierske stavby and Mineralia Slovaca , as well as regular participants in professional conferences focused on engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnics and tunnel construction. In 2020, the company obtained the certificates STN EN ISO 9001: 2016 STN EN ISO 14001: 2016 STN ISO 45001: 2019

The quality and professionalism of work results of the company are guaranteed expertise in the field:

  • engineering geological survey
  • hydrogeological reconnaissance
  • geological survey of environmental
  • construction supervision
  • monitoring of geological environmental factors
  • remediation geological environment
  • remediation of environmental burden
  • expert geological supervision of the renovation of the geological environment and remediation of
  • environmental burdens
  • preparation of geological studies and training geological report
  • geological research